Fleet Management Made Simple.

No more Excel sheets
Manage your entire fleet in one place
No more manual data input
Our smart integrations do the work for you
No more guessing
Measure expenses & CO2 emissions per km
No more bad surprises
We track your insurances, maintenance and more

Fleet management

The fleet management app FleetGuru does the work of an entire department. It simultaneously monitors hundreds of vehicles, telling you exactly how much you've spent, which vehicles require service next, and what insurance contracts need renewing.

FleetGuru offers the best in fleet management. Fleet management should be simple, with a “modern” database – meaning one that fits in your pocket.

Fleet management is easy with FleetGuru – the algorithm monitors your company's fleet and alerts you when something requires human intervention.

FleetGuru takes care of all your fleet’s vehicles throughout their lifecycles. It's applicable to any moving vehicle. And the status of your fleet is always in the palm of your hand.

  • is a vehicle information database
  • logs vehicle documents
  • maintains a leasing contract register
  • reports and tracks vehicle problems
  • tracks vehicle checks and other inspections

Expenses overview

Your fleet produces income, but fleet management is a cost. FleetGuru manages all your vehicles' expenses. Since our application is integrable with your partners, you're no longer, for example, required to keep track of hundreds of fuel receipts. FleetGuru gives immediate information about fueling done with company credit cards.

FleetGuru can also generate an expense report for any given vehicle. Tracking a vehicle's total cost of ownership is automatic. And since the big picture is also important, our app allows grouping of any expenses of interest.

Expense monitoring is taken to a new level with FleetGuru. Whether five vehicles or 500, FleetGuru can always tell you what's producing revenue and what's generating a loss.

FleetGuru offers:
  • detailed expense information
  • automated expense input from integrated partners
  • expense grouping
  • per-kilometer expense monitoring
  • cost-of-goods analysis
  • TCO monitoring

Compliance management

Fleet management means endless administrative work and follow-up to ensure all vehicles are technically sound and legal to operate. Tires need to be changed for summer and winter, and a vehicle's tachograph must be annually verified. And don't forget insurance policies expiring and vehicle inspections.

FleetGuru tracks your vehicles and reminds you when something requires action or renewal. Since many fleets operate internationally, FleetGuru monitors whether heavy goods vehicle taxes and road tolls have been paid.

FleetGuru monitors:
  • insurance expiration dates
  • vehicle inspection dates
  • tachograph and other instrumentation verification
  • heavy haul fees and toll payments


Fleet management is ceaseless planning. FleetGuru does it for you with a calendar that schedules days for technical inspections, tire changes, plus warranty- and other service.

Planning is fully automated, though everything is accessible to humans. No matter how smart code is, it still can’t hear that strange sound in the gearbox. When a driver notices a problem, they enter the information in the smartphone app, and FleetGuru schedules the service.

FleetGuru monitors:
  • routine maintenance
  • repairs
  • tire changes
  • end-of-warranty inspections


What sets us apart from the pack is that we’ve localized FleetGuru in all markets we operate in. FleetGuru is integrated with local Road Administration vehicle registries, insurance companies, fuel retailers, telematics providers etc.

To make FleetGuru as automated and comprehensive as possible, the system is easily extendable and facilitates easy addition of other integrations.

FleetGuru connects with:
  • the Road Administrations
  • telematics solutions
  • fuel retailers
  • insurance companies

Mobile app

FleetGuru comes with a mobile app for the drivers. The app provides a convenient way to alert the system when there's a rattle under the hood, or send a photo when they've been sideswiped in a parking lot. FleetGuru ensures information gets where it needs to go and repairs are made in a timely manner.

The mobile app also enables the drivers to submit mileage and perform regular vehicle checkups.

FleetGuru mobile app is available for Android or iOS devices.

FleetGuru reports:
  • information input by the driver
  • what to do with this information
  • when to do it


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